In the midst of Covid-19 … time of cultural change

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It seems like the world was in a health crisis with the Covid-19 pandemic and is still has health concerns and guidelines are still in place even though things are slowly starting to open up. There’s plenty of us that have health concerns and worried about our families, food, shelter, job and etc. It can be a toll on those effected by this pandemic.

During this pandemic something rose up into our culture to where many people want a cultural change for the better. The thing that rose up is the main topic is about police brutality. There was a person to multiple people recently that got killed by police officers. Which lead to people protesting, destruction and looting. This caused the movement of Black Lives Matter into a hot topic.

Black Lives Matter movement wants to bring in the topic of equality to the blacks, minorities and just everyone. There’s support from all races for equality.

There are questions. Is the protests going to far with the looting and destruction or is it taking advantage during this time? What are the outcome goals? Is the protest a good thing? And so much more.

There was a discussion that goes are we born racist or taught racism? How can it be better? What if there are those who do care about others without the racism and other factors?

What if there was an All Lives Matter movement?

It would fight for equality between for all. All including people from all religion, ethnicity, all colors, lgbtq+, background, and everything else. We can still support everyone of all kinds, shapes and colors. We can remember those who lost their lives from injustice ways and try to educate those of wrongful ways or thinking’s.

There is some ugly history that many of us wish weren’t there or could change for the better. It takes one step at a time to get to the point of where equality will be equal. It may seem like a cultural shock in the midst of what may seem of a cultural change that may seem it wants a change so quickly. But it’s never ok to take advantage or hurt anyone during this change or trying for a change.

But there is a concern of safety of others and communities that we live in. Is it necessary to loot and destroy communities that we worked hard to work up to live and work in for a change we want to make better or are you just taking advantage? There are safer ways to protest and educate people for the better.


Is Political Correctness & being offended getting bad?

Political correctness is defined (By Britannica) seems intended to give the least amount of offense, especially when describing groups identified by external markers such as race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, or various other things. The concept has been discussed, disputed, criticized, and satirized by commentators from across the political spectrum. It also seems like a lot more people are being offended by everything. It depends on where you live at where how bad things get.

It seems like everything could be put into political correctness or offended by anything. We cannot change past history or even yet change people’s personalities or thinkings or believes. If you are in an area where political correctness is a thing, it seems like you would have to conform to whatever the political correctness is and if you don’t conform then people get offended and make a big deal out of it. If people do make a big deal out of it then they do start discriminating, threatening, arguing and other unlogical moves because they get offended somehow. If you do provide them with factual information about the subjective matter, then the situation could either get better or worse. Some people do not look up situations where their opinions are considered facts instead of actual research and other factual information. Some areas do not put up with political correctness or get offended as easily as some. Areas do want to make things better which is good and all but how far would people go to make things not logical anymore? It seems that people was not as offended and political correct as it is today or they kept more quiet about it if they had nothing nice to say about the subject matter because times were different culture.

It does seem history has gone a long way, like disability, gender, sexual orientation and racial (and etc) equality. Does political correctness or being offended gone too far to where it is unlogical or irrational?

It seems sometimes in today’s world, for example books, movies and shows are changing episodes to make it more user friendly or political correct because whatever the things wrong is changed to fix to whatever correctness and make it “better”?


**Authors Note: Not directed towards any person, group, or other subjects matter. Meant to be generalized topic of discussion.**

Let it out

I see you just wondering around

Not knowing what to say or do

I hear the things you are saying

You’ll say things will be alright

I see you have something on your mind

But you don’t know how to put it to words

Please come out and say it

I know it may be hard but we all go through it

Don’t you worry about what I may think or do

I just want you to be alright and come out and be you.

Please don’t be afraid of me

You’ll know I’ll stick around

I see there’s a flame inside

Will you let it shine?

Or will you let it hide?