Shakespeare in Modern Day

Shakespeare is probably one the greatest, well-known writers that produced a lot of literary works varying in different styles and subjects. With all of his work, you can see a lot of modern stories and some tales base their concepts or ideas around Shakespeare’s work. Shakespeare also has a great influence on how the English language is spoken and written because he did create words and phrases that are used even if don’t realize it.

In some films, they had remade numerous variations of Romeo and Juliet into modern time even though the language period is slightly different and put into how today’s society culture is. Even books after Shakespeare surround aspects of Shakespeare.  Although the generations are changing and so is the culture, society, and even some normalities.

Shakespeare’s work is also relatable to aspects of life. It can be relatable aspects about living life, love, happiness, sorrow, death, adventure, culture, and so much more.


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