Archives of the Afterlife Trip

The Archives of the Afterlife: The National Museum of the Paranormal
Moundsville, West Virginia, USA
November 17-18, 2017

Pictures are from the museum, section that was missing are the medical, Marilyn Monroe, military items, & a few other items.

There is a museum that has items that represents different things throughout history and what could have a something attached onto it. It is neat to check out the items within.

Post-Mortem Photography
Life Masks
West Virginia Penitentiary Execution Cap

There is also some haunted dolls and figures

Abraham Lincoln’s Death Mask

There is also a religious section.

After the tour of the museum and of the building it is in. We decided to split up and go through the portions that are open to the public. With going to a few investigations, you know what to look for to rule out what might cause noises and etc. There were things happening that cannot be explained. If you like to know more, you might want to make a trip and take a look.

If you have stories to tell about the paranormal or something strange or unusual happen tell us here.

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