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So anyway, I have decided to write this because I would like to create this in a way that people would understand those who are going through some sort of mental illness or inner demons that are not seen on the outside. This does not mean that we are horrible people or some mental person because we can a part of normal societies way.

To start off, I am fighting an illness called Chiari Malformation type 1. It’s where the brain tonsils are longer than the average persons. I have had once got treatment when I was first diagnosed around a few years ago but was released from treatment because I felt like I was back to my normal self and felt happy.

Now, skip to present day. About a month or so ago, things started to get worse. Top symptom is headaches which feels like a 5 ton layer of bricks are laying on the back of my head, cannot concentrate, parts of my body goes to sleep more often than normal and feels constantly numb, spacey, sleep schedule is messed up, panic attacks, some personality changes, appetite change, and certain lighting and combination of noises are starting to bug me.I haven’t seen the medics about why things are acting up again. I figured that the symptoms would just go away.

But unfortunately, it has not gone away. I really should go see the medics because I don’t like what my body is doing to me and starting to feel not myself. I am still able to drive, go to school, work, and etc. I will keep you posted, if you like I can make this a daily posting? Comment down below to let me know what your opinions are and if you want this to be a daily post.