Lost Time Forgotten


Picture taken by UnSilentTheSilence (2014)

It seems as time goes on we sometimes forget about what we leave behind. Somethings we remember as well as somethings well forgetful. How can that be?

Somethings we remember because it maybe traumatic that may affected so many lives. Examples of remembrance would be like some extreme acts of Mother Nature and wars9-11,  Berlin Wall, Pearl Harbor, Chernobyl and the Concentration Camps.

    Some things we tend to forget or leave behind. What about the abandoned land, property, businesses, homes, and other types of property and could it become in use? What about the events throughout history? What about the asylums? What about those who live in poverty? What about those who don’t have access to everyday needs? Did (insert event/promise/help/etc here) ever happen or is going to happen? It seems like we tend to forget those things that may have a dark history to it. A dark history when there was experimentations going on, maybe some inhuman things, or even the turn-of-the-century was changing.

The questions are:
How can we bring back what is forgotten?
Is the forgotten gone for a purpose or accidental reasoning?
Is the forgotten gone because we just “forgotten” about it?
How could we just “forget” what is just forgotten?
Could we have done things differently?
Should we just leave history be history?
Could we change the future history for the better?
And so many more to ask…………………………………………..


Life is Strange

Life is strange, nothing is normal, it’s what I say. One moment could be perfectly fine, the next the tables have turned for the worse or unexpected. There may be a typical-person lifestyle/routine or circle of life type scenario but nothing exactly normal because everybody is not into the same things as each other and if they were would not the world be kind of boring. There is a saying that’s been going around for a while that goes something along the lines like there are a lot of people/characters that make the world turn. 

It could be that you may of got an unexpected answer or solution to a thing that has been going on for a while, could be something like a medical oddity,  unusual acts, mother nature being weird, and so on and so forth.